Gathering Stars

Upcoming 2019 shows:

-March 2nd at Classics Victory’s Live w/ Two Old Hippies 9pm

543 S. High St. Columbus, OH 43215

"I was thinkin' about something, got some stories in my head. Done some things in my life that I kinda regret. Didn't ever need a reason to do what I wanted to do.  Good people get left out now I can't make it up to you.  Yeah, we gotta get along." -Jason Montgomery  (from the song "Not Here Forever") on Gathering Stars upcoming release.)

Gathering Stars is a 6 piece Columbus, OH based pop band formed in 2018.  Members are Jason Montgomery-vocals/guitar , Michelle Ishida-vocals/keys, Carole Walker-vocals, Bill Patrick-guitar/vocals, Mike Sambroak -bass, Carlton Smith- drums/vocals.

How did Gathering Stars form? The rhythm section started playing together as Jason and Michelle duo's backing band. Every rehearsal started out with a jam that became a far different sound than the songwriter duo and they decided to form a new band. Funky soul rock is the best description we can think of currently.

Who are you people?  Gathering Stars is fun for musicians and music lovers to watch due to their very seasoned players. Carlton Smith is most known for his work in RC Mob and Howlin' Maggie, Michelle Ishida for fronting Mary Adam 12, Jason Montgomery for playing guitar in Outrageous Orange and fronting Help Is On The Way, Carole Walker for her solo work and as Heavy Weather's front woman, Bill Patrick for guitar picking in The Damnits and Mike Sambroak for playing bass in Help Is On The Way & Soul Fu Villains.

Debut record is in the works! We are currently tracking our debut record at Vital Studios in Columbus, OH.  Like us on Facebook to see and hear video clips as we record. 

We're working on a video also but in the mean time here's an iphone video from Comfest June 2018 sent to us by  our friend Drew Layman. Thanks to everyone who came out for a gorgeous weekend. Gathering Stars is full of gratitude every day!